Why Change?


Mining and Energy members no longer benefit from our Division being part of the amalgamated Construction Forestry Maritime Mining and Energy Union (CFMMEU).  

We face a threat to our autonomy as a union for Mining and Energy workers.

Benefits we once enjoyed, like enhanced political influence and campaigning capacity, have been destroyed through personal vendettas and grabs for power.

The Mining and Energy Division is financially secure, well managed and able to stand alone as an independent Union.   

Our National Convention, after hearing all the reports on what’s been happening within the CFMMEU, voted unanimously to give Mining and Energy members this opportunity to determine our own future.

Convention reports covered:
  • Dysfunction within the CFMMEU leadership nationally, which has seen personal vendettas take priority over effective management of the Union.
  • Use of raw numbers in national leadership forums avoiding genuine debate and reversing past practice of building consensus.
  • Construction Division poaching members from the smaller Manufacturing Division.

The Mining and Energy Division is well-resourced, financially strong and in a good position to operate as an independent, dedicated Mining and Energy Union.

Our daily work representing members would be unchanged. National, District and Lodge structures would remain the same and no new elections would be needed. 

As a standalone union, we would still be able to work with other unions on joint projects and political and industrial campaigns that align with our members’ interests.

Independence would also mean that all of our resources would be directed towards issues directly relevant to Mining and Energy Members – not campaigns or legal disputes that don’t involve or affect us.

We have the opportunity to step away from the tarnished brand of the CFMMEU and raise the profile of the issues we are most passionate about: your safety, your jobs, your working conditions, your communities.

When it is time to vote, Mining and Energy members’ interest will be best served by voting ‘YES’ for a strong, independent Mining and Energy Union that’s determining our own future.  

Tony Maher, General President

“A condition of joining the CFMEU in 1992 was the guarantee that our Division could operate autonomously and continue our proud tradition representing Mining and Energy workers.

Divisional autonomy has been a fundamental principle of the amalgamated Union. It means that our Division controls its own assets, employs its own staff, determines its own priorities and our members directly elect their delegates, board representatives and full-time officials.

In the past, the CFMMEU would rely upon consensus building between the Divisions and Districts, however in the last few years our autonomy has been threatened by the use of raw numbers by the Construction and General Division, to force decisions in their favour.

The only way we can protect our voice, our Union, is to vote yes to an independent Mining and Energy Union”.

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