National Convention unanimously endorses member ballot


Today, the Mining and Energy Division’s National Convention has unanimously supported making an application to withdraw from the Construction Forestry Maritime Mining and Energy Union (CFMMEU).

After a lengthy discussion about the reasons and practical implications, delegates from across all of our Districts voted to endorse a plan which will give all members a say in the future of our Union.

Reports to convention covered:

  • The dysfunction within the CFMMEU’s national leadership, which has seen personal vendettas take priority over effective management of the union.
  • The push to abolish divisional autonomy, which would in time hand control of our affairs to the dominant Construction Division.
  • The steps taken by the Mining and Energy Division to operate constructively and transparently within the CFMMEU and to evaluate the best options for our future.
  • The strong financial and organisational position of our Division.

Our National Convention is the most democratic forum we have, with 300 delegates representing rank and file members from all Districts coming together every four years to set the direction of our Union.

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